2012-2022 – Olivier Greif Prize (€ 2500)

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Offered by the Association Olivier Greif.

Founded at the end of 2000, the Olivier Greif Association set itself the objective of preserving, promoting, and performing the composer’s work. Since then, numerous concerts have taken place both in France and abroad, approximately fifteen albums have appeared, as well as an important documentary series (Les Incontournables Olivier Greif, ABB Reportages), and two important works have been published by Aedam Musicae: Olivier Greif, le rêve du monde, with Brigitte François-Sappey and Jean-Michel Nectoux (2013); Olivier Greif, Journal (2019), edited by Jean-Jacques Greif. The Olivier Greif Association is sponsored by Luciano Berio †, Henri Dutilleux †, Jacques Charpentier †, Betsy Jolas, Henri Barda, William Christie, Michel Dalberto, Jean-François Heisser, Yves Petit de Voize, Laurent Petitgirard and Claude Samuel.

Olivier Greif © DR

Olivier Greif © DR


Olivier Greif studied music at the Paris Conservatory: piano, chamber music, composition, orchestration … He then studied in New York with Luciano Berio who teaches at the Juilliard School. He then pursued a double career as a pianist and composer. He composed the Wiener Konzert lieder cycle (1973), the Piano Sonata (1975), Ravel’s Tomb for four-handed piano (1975), the Sonata for violin and piano, The Meeting of the Waters (1976). ), the Requiem Sonata for Cello and Piano (1979/1993), the Pilgrim’s Book (1980). In the 80s, having engaged in a spiritual process based on the practice of meditation, he retired from the music scene. In the early 90’s, Olivier Greif returns to music with, in his own words, “more strength and less waiting than before”. The end of the 90s is a particularly rich period. Driven by a sense of urgency, Olivier Greif creates major works and his piano work is performed around the world by the greatest performers. Regularly invited in residence and at many festivals: Kuhmo (Finland), Easter in Deauville, Présences (Radio France). Olivier Greif dies suddenly at his Paris home on May 13, 2000, he was fifty.






2012 – Andrew Zhou (United States)
2014 – Aline Piboule (France) and Le Liu (China) – ex-aequo
2016 – Takuya Otaki (Japan)
2018 – Prize not awarded
2020 – Prize not awarded
2022 – Prize not awarded


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