Tour in Région Centre - Val de Loire


The aim of the Orléans International Piano Competition is to disseminate and make known the entire repertoire of piano works of the 20th and 21st centuries, which naturally leads to multiple actions in prolongation of the competition, in particular with students from the Music Schools of the Centre-Val de Loire Region where the competition takes place.

Following this goal, an event has therefore been created: winner of the competition gives a concert on a specific theme then listens and makes the students of musical education institutions work during master classes.

The chosen theme is worked on during the previous six months, and the scores are made available to the teachers by the competition.

The themes were simple at first, such as working around national schools (Hungary, Italy, France); but the idea of a broader concept quickly emerged, providing a more generous and in-depth overview of both the ideas and the composers who created them and used them in their pieces.

Every effort is made to ensure an appreciable result enabling fruitful exchanges between young artists, students and the public.

Every two years, about a dozen cities are solicited (meetings with the music schools directors, presentation of scores and suggestion of programs) for a concert tour to which are added master classes.
This allows the students of the conservatories and music schools to exchange with the young pianists their views on these techniques that excited the romantic audience and that are now coming back in force; it also gives more impact to the concert itself.

2023 Tour:

Information coming soon

2021 Tour:

Mikhaïl Bouzine had performed from Nov. 17th to Dec. 8th, 2021 in the Region Centre-Val de Loire (recitals and masterclasses).

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