Since 1994 – Samson François Prize (€ 2000)

Special Prize

20th century interpreters

Offered by the Association of Friends of Josette Samson François, created to maintain the memory of the wonderful pianist, unconventional, open to all kinds of music and timeless genius. Mrs. Josette Samson François has worked with us with an extraordinary openness and the Association remains alive thanks to its loyal and committed friends. May they find here all our gratitude.

Awarded to the best performance of a piano work by the following composers: Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel and Sergei Prokofiev.
This prize will be awarded by the jury to one the 6 semi-finalists.


Samson François © DR

Samson François © DR


He left the Paris Conservatory in 1940, with the first prize after studying piano with Alfred Cortot, Marguerite Long and Yvonne Lefébure. Heir of the French piano school, winner of the first prize of the Long-Thibaud contest in 1943, he remains a reference performer of Chopin, Schumann, Ravel, Debussy (whose complete recording he was unable to complete)







1994 – Hideki Nagano (Japan)
1996 – Rita Kinka (Hungary)
1998 – Maria Stembolskaia (Russia)
2000 – Alexandre Pirojenko (Russia)
2002 – Winston Choi (Canada)
2004 – Francesco Tristano (Luxembourg)
2006 – Andrei Soudelski (Russia)
2008 – Hayk Melikyan (Armenia)
2010 – Ilya Rashkovskiy (Russia)
2012 – Andrew Zhou (United States)
2014 – Jahye Euh (South Korea)
2016 – Marianna Abrahamyan (Armenia)
2018 – Kirill Zvegintsov (Ukraine)
2020 – Mikhaïl Bouzine (Russia)
2022 – Matthieu Acar (France)


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