1996-2020 – SACEM Prize (€ 4600)

Interpretation Prize

Offered by SACEM and awarded to the best performance of the mandatory piece co-commissioned by the International piano competition of Orléans and the Louvre Museum as part of the retrospective exhibition on Pierre Soulages at the Louvre Museum and which will then be performed by the SACEM Prize laureate during the laureates concert on May 11th, 2020 at the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord in Paris.

By the very nature of its calling, the SACEM defends the interests of musical creators. Among them, numerous composers have brought their support: countless personal journeys andvarying artistic experiences. Beyond its duties regarding author copyright, it follows a policy of cultural action, and supports initiatives encouraging the promotion of contemporary music, but also the training and promotion of young artists. This is the reason for the SACEM’s presence, since its creation, at the Orléans International Piano Competition, an important musical hub for sharing and encounters which expresses through the voluntarism and dynamism of its organizers all the diversity of the languages, sensibilities, and interpretations of contemporary music. The SACEM is delighted to be associated with this fourteenth edition of the Competition.


1996 – Thomas Hell (Germany) and Maarten Van Veen (Netherlands) – ex-aequo
1998 – Mark Kruger (Australia)
2000 – Andrea Corazziari (Italy)
2002 – Nino Jvania (Georgia)
2004 – Ya-Ou Xie (China)
2006 – Ermis Theodorakis (Greece)
2008 – Franco Venturini (Italy)
2010 – Yejin Gil (South Korea)
2012 – Christopher Guzman (United States)
2014 – Aline Piboule (France)
2016 – Marianna Abrahamyan (Armenia)
2018 – Maroussia Gentet (France)
2020 – Chiko Miyagawa (Japan)


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