Since 1998 – Ricardo Viñes Prize (€ 2500)

Special Prize

20th century interpreters

Supported by the Conseil Départemental du Loiret, awarded to the best performance of a French piece composed between 1900 and 1940.

Ricardo Viñes © DR

Ricardo Viñes © DR


Amaze pianist (he studied at the Conservatoire de Paris under the direction of Charles de Bériot) and sensitive to all aesthetic current of his time, he served the music of his friends and contemporaries (Ravel, Debussy, Satie, Déodat de Séverac and Albéniz , …), not only by playing it but also by inspiring and transcending it. His journal, held over 20 years, is a testament to the artistic and musical vitality of Parisian salons where he attended.






1998 – Suguru Kawae (Japan)
2000 – Kazuhiko Yazawa (Japan)
2002 – Makoto Ueno (Japan)
2006 – Prodromos Symeonidis (Greece)
2008 – Keiko Kurachi (Japan)
2010 – Anaël Bonnet (France)
2012 – Soojin Anjou (South Korea)
2014 – Zhanar Suleimanova (Kazakhstan) and Mathieu Acar (France) – ex-aequo
2016 – Philippe Hattat (France)
2018 – Maroussia Gentet (France)
2020 – Dmitry Batalov (Russia)
2022 – Haniel Anugerah (Indonesia)


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