Since 2002 – Orléans Music Conservatory students Prize (€ 1500)

Interpretation Prize

Offered by the Rotary Club of Orléans and awarded by a jury of students of Orléans Music Conservatory during the final round.

As part of the Rotary Club, of which the ideal is to serve, the Orléans Club is particularly invested in young people, supporting remarkable cultural achievements and, due to its membership to a world movement, is very aware of international relationships and achievements.






2002 – Nino Jvania (Georgia)
2004 – Ya-Ou Xie (China)
2006 – Wilhem Latchoumia (France)
2008 – Florence Cioccolani (France)
2010 – Yejin Gil (South Korea)
2012 – Christopher Guzman (United States)
2014 – Aline Piboule (France)
2016 – Marianna Abrahamyan (Armenia)
2018 – Maroussia Gentet (France)
2020 – Chae-Um Kim (South Korea)
2022 – Lorenzo Soulès (France)


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