Matinées du Piano : 2009-2010 Season

Sunday, November 29th 2009 – Florence Cioccolani, First Prize of the 8th International piano competition of Orléans

Programme de salle_Matinée 29.11.2009 Florence Cioccolani

Sunday, January 24st 2010 Grzegorz Niemczuk

Programme de salle_Matinée 24.01.2010 Grzegorz Niemczuk

Sunday, April 14th 2010 Matthias Leboucher

Programme de salle_Matinée 14.03.2010 Matthias Leboucher

Sunday, June 06th 2010 – Philippe Guilhon-Herbert

Programme de salle_Matinéee 06.06.2010 Philippe Guilhon-Herbert


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