16th competition

See here the running order of the Orléans candidates.
Click here to see the brochure of the
First round in Orléans, from April 24 to 27!
Follow the rounds in streaming.
And watch the replay of the First round in Chicago:
Streaming link for March 16
Streaming link for March 17
Discover the candidates’ programmes in Chicago here.
See here the page of the 2024 Competition!
And the Rules.

Discover the 46 candidates shortlisted for the first phase:

In 2024, the Competition of Orléans celebrates its 30th anniversary... the laureates share their memories with you!

Discover their testimonials

Lorenzo Soulès, 2022 Laureate

Hristeya Markova, 2022 Laureate

Dmitry Batalov, 2020 Laureate

Takuya Otaki, 2016 Laureate

Matthieu Stefanelli, 2014 Laureate

Yejin Gil, 2010 Laureate

Toros Can, 1998 Laureate

Chisato Taniguchi, 2022 Laureate

Yaoyue Huang, 2020 & 2022 Laureate

Miharu Ogura, 2018 & 2022 Laureate

Zhanar Suleimanova, 2014 Laureate

Le Liu, 2014 Laureate

Nino Jvania, 2002 Laureate

Fabio Grasso, 1996 Laureate

Chi Ho Han, 2022 Laureate

Andrea Corazziari, 2000 Laureate

Chae-Um Kim, 2020 Laureate

Didier Rotella, 2014 Laureate

Thomas Hell, 1996 Laureate

Philippe Hattat, 2016 Laureate

Christopher Guzman, 2012 Laureate

Relive in pictures the 15th edition of the International piano competition of Orléans!

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