Matinée du piano – Francesco Tristano

6 June 2021
10 h 45
Orléans, France
Salle de l'Institut
Matinée du piano – Francesco Tristano

The concert of Francesco Tristano took place in public on June 6th 2021, at 10.45am — instead of May 30th.

The video of the concert is online until June 18th 2021, included :


An atypical piano personality, Francesco Tristano asserts himself as one of the greatest talents of the young generation. Born in Luxembourg, he gave his first recital and played his first compositions at the age of 13. Attracted by classical composers such as Bach, Frescobaldi, Vivaldi or Scarlatti, he developed at the same time a passion for jazz, contemporary and electronic music.
He won the 2004 edition of the International piano competition of Orléans.
Mastering with masterful ease different musical styles, he is customary in his recitals to lead his audience in a game of skilful and artistic balance between styles; mixing genres and eras, playing his compositions or reinventing those of others, he also explores, with genius, all types of improvisation. Free, intrepid, original, Francesco Tristano’s approach breaks standards; sometimes provocative, it nevertheless demonstrates his intelligence and respect for genres.


F. Tristano: introit
J.S Bach: Suite anglaise n. 5 en mi mineur, BWV 810
J.S Bach: Suite anglaise n. 6 en re mineur, BWV 811
F. Tristano: Ground bass (Chaconne) (créée à Orléans en 2004)




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