Claudia Chan at the Royaumont Festival

9 September 2018
12 h 00
Abbaye de Royaumont, France
Abbaye de Royaumont - Salle des Charpentes
Claudia Chan at the Royaumont Festival

Claudia Chan, winner of the Claude Helfer Prize during the 12th International piano competition of Orléans in 2016, will present at Royaumont Festival, the recital “Opus contra naturam”, musical work written by the composer Brian Ferneyhough. This will be followed by IV 1 of Mark Andre, an original creation of Matthew Chamberlain and a tribute to Claude Debussy. Claudia Chan is currently an Artist-in-residence at the Royaumont Abbey and at the Médiathèque Musicale Mahler (2017-2020).

Programme :

Claude Debussy, Étude pour les cinq doigts
Brian Ferneyhough, Opus contra naturam – création française
Claude Debussy, Préludes, Premier livre, Feuilles mortes
Claude Debussy, Préludes, Premier livre, La sérénade interrompue
Mark André, iv 1
Claude Debussy, Préludes, Premier livre, La Cathédrale engloutie
Matthew Chamberlain (Etats-Unis, 1990)* Nouvelle œuvre** – création mondiale

* Laureate of Royaumont Foundation | ** Commission from the Royaumont Foundation



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