Commissioned piece of the 8th Competition – 2019

Composer : Christian Mason
Title : Inner Landscapes / Paysages Intérieurs (for piano)
Commission of “Orléans Concours International” for the 8th  International piano competition of Orléans for youth « Brin d’herbe »

I. The sun, the sea (1st level), 4 min.
II. The earth: her dance (3rd level), 7 min.
III. Clouds, winds, skies (2nd level), 6 min.

Note of intent from Christian Mason:

These three piano pieces, composed for the Concours Brin d’herbe 2019, may be performed separately or as a collection, in which case they should be played in the given order. Though each piece is aimed at a different technical level (I. Elementary, II. Advanced, III. Intermediate), they have a common artistic aim: to connect musical expression with poetic inspiration. In particular, these pieces meditate on the emotional connection between our interior life and the vast and varied landscapes of the natural world all around us.intérieure et les paysages vastes et variés de la nature qui nous entoure.

To see partially the score of the mandatory piece by Christian Mason, “Inner Lanscapes”, click here !


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