Commissioned piece of the 10th Competition – 2023

Composer : Gérard Pesson
Title of the work: ‘In the prose of the world’
Commission of ‘Orléans Concours International’ for the 10th International piano competition of Orléans for youth ‘Brin d’herbe’.

Discover here the note of intent of the composer and the instructions for preparing the piano: In the prose of the world (‘Dans la prose du monde’)

The score of the mandatory piece by Gérard Pesson is viewable online and available for purchase from Editions Maison ONA (

The score of the beginner level ‘Three shades of white‘ is viewable here

The score of the intermediate level ‘Everything is plural‘ is viewable here

The score of the advanced level ‘Folds of an endless dreamed phrase‘ is viewable here


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