Claude Debussy & André Boucourechliev Exhibitions – 2000

© F. Nadar / INA

Claude Debussy (1862-1918): “Fêtes, danses et masques”

Parties, dances and masks

Debussy prefered the company of writers to the musicians one. Litterature influence on his work is considerable. But according to him, it is never the matter of giving in anecdote eases. Litterature only La littérature is part of his music, only if it rises images or swirls sounds and perfumes. His attachment for the “Verlaine” of the “Fêtes galantes” is deep.

This exhibition in collaboration with the Bibliothèque Nationale presented photographs, documents and manuscripts recounting the life of the renowned French composer.


From February 7th to March 5th 2000.


Musée des Beaux-Arts of Orléans.

“L’Archipel – André Boucourechliev”

André Boucourechliev (1925-1997), Bulgarian-born, is one of the composers the most concerned about aleatoric music, “opened forms”. He participated to all avant-garde researches. His spiritual fathers were Beethoven, Schumann, Debussy and Stravinsky. His main pieces are “Les archipels” (1967-1971). Boucourechliev was also a writer.

We discussed  language, debated on serialism…, much vigour and freshness, sometimes acerbic in the remarks…” – André Boucourechliev, ” On Darmstadt Festival.

This exhibition has been lent by Contemporary music documentation centre (Cdmc).


From February 18th to March 4th, 2000.


Médiathèque of Orléans.


Exhibitions design: Evelyne de Boisgrollier


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