Since 1998 – André Chevillion-Yvonne Bonnaud Composition Prize (€ 5000)

Composition Prize

Offered by the Fondation André Chevillion – Yvonne Bonnaud, under the aegis of the Fondation de France.

Yvonne Bonnaud, pianist, André Chevillion’s wife, composer and conductor, created in 1975 by using a will, a foundation under the aegis of the Fondation de France.

This Prize rewards the composer of the piece that each candidate (pianist) must present during the second round of the Competition. For this Composition Prize, a newly composed or previously composed but never premiered work must be presented.


Fondation de France





1998 – Unsuk Chin (South Korea) and Franck Krawczyk (France) – ex-aequo
2000 – Muhiddin Dürrüoglu-Demiriz (Turkey)
2002 – Vykintas Baltakas (Lithuania)
2004 – Kenneth Hesketh (Great-Britain)
2006 – David Rakowski (United States)
2008 – Mayoko Fukami (Japan), Vera Ivanova (Russia), Antal Sporck (Netherlands), Thierry Huillet (France) – ex-aequo
2010 – Adam Roberts (United States)
2012 – Christopher Stark (United States)
2014 – Didier Rotella (France) and Nicolas Mondon (France) – ex-aequo
2016 – Philippe Hattat (France) and Matthias Krüger (Germany) – ex-aequo
2018 – Hyeonjun Jo (South Korea) and Miharu Ogura (Japan) – ex-aequo
2020 – Tetsuya Yamamoto (Japan)
2022 – Matthieu Acar (France) and Miharu Ogura (Japan) – ex-aequo


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