André Chevillion – Yvonne Bonnaud 3rd Prize – 5 000 €

Interpretation Prize

Offered by the Fondation André Chevillion – Yvonne Bonnaud, under the aegis of the Fondation de France.

Yvonne Bonnaud, pianist, wife of André Chevillion, composer and conductor, created in 1975 by will a foundation under the aegis of the Fondation de France.

Every 2 years, the Chevillion-Bonnaud Composition and Interpretation prizes are awarded by the jury of the Orléans International Piano Competition, alternating with an entire day devoted to contemporary creation on the year without a prize.

Fondation de France






1998 – Toros Can (Turkey)
2000 – Andrea Corazziari (Italy)
2002 – Nino Jvania (Georgia)
2004 – Reto Reichenbach (Switzerland)
2006 – Nika Shirocorad (Russia)
2008 – Antal Sporck (Netherlands)
2012 – Andrew Zhou (United States)
2014 – Kathrin Isabella Klein (Germany)
2016 – Julien Blanc (France) and Tae Kim (United States) – ex-aequo
2018 – Hyeonjun Jo (South Korea)
2020 – Chae-Um Kim (South Korea)


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