2017 Tour in Centre-Val de Loire region (France)

Virtuosity, from the Baroque to the 21st Century

Virtus – “value” and “bravery” – is the Latin origin of virtuosity. But what does it mean to be a virtuoso pianist?

Every artist, every pianist confronts one day about virtuosity, a theme of course related to the technical agility of the instrumentalist but also requires us to reflect on the importance of expressiveness.

Takuya Otaki, First Prize of the 12th International Piano Competition of Orleans, will propose concerts around this theme as well as master-classes to the pianists of tomorrow: the students of the conservatories who will have the opportunity, through a crucial theme, to meet this young talent already laureate of a great piano competition.

Dépliant de la Tournée en région Centre-Val de Loire 2017

He will give recitals and masterclasses in 10 cities in the region Centre-Val de Loire (France), from November 7th to December 6th 2017:


07/11/2017 – Tours, Conservatoire  Auditorium (masterclass)
07/11/2017 – Tours, Salle Thélème  Université (recital)
08/11/2017  Montargis, Théâtre Le Tivoli (masterclass and recital)
11/11/2017  Châteauroux, Chapelle des Rédemptoristes (masterclass and recital)
14/11/2017  Châteaudun, École de musique  Auditorium (masterclass and recital)
18/11/2017  Blois, Conservatoire  Auditorium (masterclass and recital)
21/11/2017  Orléans, Conservatoire  Salle de l’Institut (masterclass)
22/11/2017  Vierzon, La Décale (masterclass and recital)
23/11/2017  Bourges, Conservatoire  Auditorium (recital)
24/11/2017  Bourges, Conservatoire  Salle Mozart (masterclass)
25/11/2017  Orléans, Musée des Beaux-Arts (Conference of François-Xavier Szymczak: Bartók and the Virtuosity)
28/11/2017  Gien, Espace culturel  Auditorium (recital)
29/11/2017  Orléans, Le Bouillon  Université (recital)
06/12/2017  Amboise, Théâtre Beaumarchais (masterclass and recital)


A. Boucourechliev, Archipel IV
D. Scarlatti, Sonatas K.27, K.519, K.141
F. Liszt, Mephisto Waltz n°1
B. Bartók, Rhapsodie
H. Parra, Una Pregunta


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