2015 Tour in Centre-Val de Loire region (France)

Past, Present – Beethoven, Chopin and the modernity

In 2015, concerts of the Tour in Centre-Val de Loire region are giving by 2014 laureates of the 11th International piano competition of Orléans, Imri Talgam and Aline Piboule, and will be dedicated to composition universe of romantic era great masters, Beethoven, Chopin, confronted with contemporary productions.

Harmony and melody, sound masses confrontation and polyphony delicate beauty, colours that collide with each other or melt into, the musical universe known as “contemporary” measures up to same issues and the “modernity” some answers to asked questions don’t stop their acting sometimes strange and always surprising of likeness regarding answers.

This is the aim and amusement of these confrontations, that should arouse audience interest especially young musicians one, trying these mirror effects. Mazurka by Chopin and Mazurka by Thomas Adès, of course, but more amusing Beethoven’s Bagatelles and Variations by Webern. Music always wins at these games.

Dépliant de la Tournée en région Centre-Val de Loire 2015

2014 laureates will give recitals and masterclasses in 9 different region cities, from november 4th to december 16th 2015:


Dates – Imri Talgam:

04/11/2015 – Tours, Salle Thélème – Université (masterclass and recital)
12/11/2015 – Orléans, Théâtre-Scène nationale – Salle Barrault (masterclass and recital)
18/11/2015 – Montargis, Théâtre Le Tivoli (masterclass and recital)
05/12/2015 – Châteauroux, Conservatoire – Salle Debussy (masterclass and recital)


E. Denisov, Variations
C. Nancarrow, Study n°6, Study n°15, Two canons for Ursula, Tango?
L. V. Beethoven, Sonata n°29 “Hammerklavier”, op. 106


Dates – Aline Piboule:

10/11/2015 – Issoudun, La Boîte à Musique (masterclass and recital)
24/11/2015 – Châteaudun, École de musique – Auditorium (recital)
02/12/2015 – Vierzon, La Décale (masterclass and recital)
12/12/2015 – Bourges, Conservatoire et Palais Jacques Cœur (masterclass and recital)
16/12/2015 – Blois, Conservatoire – Auditorium (masterclass and recital)

G. Crumb, Makrokosmos
F. Chopin, Ballade n°4
H. Dutilleux, Piano Sonata


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