2005 Tour in Centre-Val de Loire region (France)

Italian music and improvisation

This tour in 11 Centre region cities is an invitation by the International piano competition of Orleans for an exploration of the piano repertoire of the 20th and the 21st centuries. It took place every 2 years and in 2004, will be lead by the First Prize laureate Franscesco Schlime.

Thanks to Schlime’s talent, italian pieces follow the previous tour themes (“Hungarian music” 1999, “American music” 2001, “French music” 2003). Schlime made recently a CD dedicated to Berio’s work. He will also perform pieces by Frescobaldi, Scarlatti, Busoni, will improvise a coda based on a recent piece by Francesconi, Mambo.

Dépliant de la Tournée en région Centre-Val de Loire 2005

He will give recitals and masterclasses from november 18th to december 17th 2005:


18/11/2005 – Chartres, Musée des Beaux-Arts (recital)
19/11/2005 – Chartres, École de musique – Salle 111 (masterclass)
22/11/2005 – Vierzon, École de musique – Auditorium (recital)
23/11/2005 – Vierzon, École de musique – Auditorium (masterclass)
24/11/2005 – Orléans, Université (recital)
26/11/2005 –  Montlouis-sur-Loire, Salle des fêtes du Saule Michaud (masterclass and recital)
29/11/2005 – Montargis, École de musique – Salle Debussy (recital)
30/11/2005 – Montargis, École de musique – Salle Debussy (masterclass)

02/12/2005 – Tours, Faculté de musicologie – Université (recital)
03/12/2005 – Tours, Conservatoire national de musique – Salle Molière (masterclass)
06/12/2005 – Blois, Ecole de musique – Auditorium (recital)
07/12/2005 – Blois, Ecole de musique – Auditorium (masterclass)
09/12/2005 – Issoudun, La Boîte à Musique – Auditorium (recital)
10/12/2005 – Issoudun, Conservatoire – Salle Dutilleux (masterclass)
11/12/2005 – Orléans, Salle de l’Institut (masterclass and recital)
13/12/2005 – Bourges, Théâtre Jacques Cœur (recital)
14/12/2005 – Bourges, École de musique – Salle Chopin (masterclass)
16/12/2005 – Chinon, École de musique – Salle O. Debré (recital)
17/12/2005 – Chinon, École de musique – Salle O. Debré (masterclass)


G. Frescobaldi, Toccata n°1 Libro Primo, Toccata n°8 Libro Primo, Toccata n°8 “Di Durezze e ligature” Libro Secondo, Toccata n°9 Libro Secondo
L. Berio, Cinque Variazioni
F. Busoni, Sonatina seconda
L. Berio, Rounds
D. Scarlatti, Sonata in G minor k.450, Sonata in D minor k.141, Sonata in D minor k.32
L. Francesconi, Mambo
F. Schlime, Coda, Improvisation


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